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About Installage

Hello friends and thank you for your interest in our products. Our story started in Holland in 2001 when the first prototype to INSTALL a COLLAGE with clips was tested. The original idea for the concept was to create a simple way to install decorative exterior panels during the renovation of a building. This project was quickly cancelled after September 11th and put to rest in a box.

The concept came to live again when presenting small images in a grid started to become a trend by our current social media generation. Many describe this phenomenon as an installage, derived from the words install collage.This slang term became installage and with our product the clip system to connect it. 

The system is suitable for any age above 6 years old, so install age 6.

Our renewed clip system was first patented in Holland in 2014. Since its approval we expanded our IPR across the globe and currently own patents on every continent, with exception of Antarctica because our courier doesn’t ship there anyway.

It has taken us 3 years to develop the installage clip product-line and all what comes with it. We went as far as developing our own editor simply because there was nothing suitable available. The production of our clips and tiles is all done in Europe.
We pride ourselves in always using the most eco-friendly solution in everything we do. All our materials are 100% recyclable and we are working hard to make them all from recycled materials by end 2020. Our printable tiles are made of uncoated plastic to avoid water pollution during the coating process. Unlike the method to create printable synthetic paper no water was polluted to create a printable surface and we use UV drying ink instead.

If anything is wrong with your purchase we will do everything to make it right. That is a promise!

Enjoy our product.


Beethovenlaan 00007

Chamber of Commerce number: 69572682
VAT no.: NL857923791B01

Email: support@installage.com

Phone: +31 653230407

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